JKR keeps us guessing


For the Harry Potter fans out there, this morning was one waited for with anticipation.  But did JKR really come through for us?

Fans have reacted in a few ways, mainly with “We’re finally going to Hogwarts!” or resounding noises resembling “Uh?”

Personally I find it a little underwhelming, but only because it seems like an announcement for an announcement. “Hey guess what! …wait a few more months.”  My opinion really depends on what they do with it.  I think the site has a lot of potential, but if they let it just become a fanfiction or forum site, I’ll be really disappointed.  Some of the press photos make it appear as if there may be some kind of gaming element, but probably nothing as advanced as a Harry Potter version of Second Life or anything (although that would be pretty cool).  Additionally, the Terms and Conditions page says you will “Share and participate in the stories”, a teasing little snippet that leaves me wondering, “But what kind of experience?”

I have to give kudos to JKR though — making an effort to connect, as an author, actively through technology is exciting, a little daunting, but altogether something to appreciate.  While I’m as much a geek as the next person excited about touch screens, gaming systems that detect body movement, and whatever other new-fangled sparkling lights are out there, as an author I still hesitate at the thought of posting creative content online.  That being said, making the world of your story interactive for your readers is pretty exciting.

I’m most interested in the little back stories JKR will be sharing, but other than that I feel like it’s still kind of a mystery site.  I’d like to think we’re finally “going to Hogwarts”, but I don’t want to get my hopes up.

See JKR’s announcement here